Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How To Root Android Smartphone Safely

How To Root Android Smartphone Safely

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hay, everyone, Good morning friends, "Rooting Android Safely" given the increasing number of Android smartphone users in all corners of this country makes me motivated providing the knowledge I have told you all, if we are talking about android certainly familiar with the term root, so on this occasion I will describe "how to root android smartphone safely".

before your rooting android you must read advantages and disadvantages Rooting Android
root could mean that we have permission or access rights to access the system from an OS android, android root manner that is true then any errors will be minimized, to shorten the time follow step by step, before this you can backup files with Titanium Backup Pro key + Root APK

How To Root Android Smartphone Safely

How to Root Android safely as follows:

  1. prepare your android smartphone.

  2. download the file update.zip ---> also Read our Faq

  3. move the update.zip file to the memory card (up to you put inside or outside the folder).

  4. restart the phone.

  5. go into recovery mode by press and hold the power button + home button + volume up button together / simultaneously.

  6. select "Apply update from sdcard".

  7. navigate to update.zip stored on the memory card then press the home button (the middle button).

  8. wait until the process is complete root

  9. reboot system now

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