Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Khaos (Limited Special Offer) v1.21 Full Apk Version

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Khaos (Limited Special Offer) v1.21 Full Apk Version. So you can play your favorite music game anywhere anytime you want!Hurry! the offer won't last forever! Khaos is a music rhythm game which player has to tap on the music keys appeared on the screen along with the music.

The game is break down into 3 difficulties, Easy, Hard, and Khaos.The harder the level, the more music keys variations will appear through out the entire song play.For hardcore players, we strongly recommend to jump right into Khaos level! If there are lags or massive charts appeared during gameplay, it means your current device is notrecommend to run this app.

Please try turning the "Quality Animation" OFF from the Menu within the gameas this might help to solve the lag issue. Otherwise, we are deeply sorry that this app is not suitablefor your device. ADS


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