Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cross Horizon v1.0.9 Full Version (Apk+Obb)

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Cross Horizon v1.0.9 Full Version (Apk+Obb). Cross Horizon offers intense real time combat with amazing HD graphics! Gather your friends and sharpen your steel as you set out on an awesome adventure to defeat the Bandit King! Test your mettle against endless hordes of monsters while collecting epic loot and upgrading your weapons in the Black Market. REAL TIME, TOUCH-BASED COMBAT Combine attacks into deadly combos as you master the strategies necessary to defeat your foes.

Learn to anticipate your enemies’ attacks and defend against them with your shield. Set off traps, throw enemies down chasms and use every trick at your disposal! RICH STORY DRIVEN QUESTING Explore the rich world of Cross Horizon as you seek to uncover the truth behind the return of the Bandit King and the visions of the Dawn Witch. You will encounter legendary heroes and enlist the help of your friends as you explore dark dungeons in search of an answer of who you are and why you're here. Recover your memory and find aid in the unlikeliest of places as you seek a way to put an end to the Bandit King.

ENDLESS MONSTERS & POWERFUL TREASURES Hordes of monsters lurk in the vast wildernesses and dark dungeons, guarding powerful treasures which will aid your adventures. Delve deeper and range farther as you seek even greater power – but keep your supplies stocked, or risk being overwhelmed far from the safety of the Castle walls.

Outfit yourself in magic armor and master the art of sword, axe and spear as you prepare for the final showdown with the Bandit King himself. FORGE METAL & MAGIC Forge weapons and armor into ever stronger creations as you meld metal with black magic. Your quest is fraught with danger – arm yourself against the terrors that revel in the shadow of the Bandit King, and overcome all who would oppose you.

COMMAND YOUR PARTY Enlist the help of friends in your quest to defeat the Bandit King. Friends will follow along in your party, and lend their aid in battle. Encounter other players in your adventures and befriend them for access to an even greater variety of party members. Play it now guys!! ADS


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