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How To Root Android With Unlock Root All Device

How To Root Android With Unlock Root All Device

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How To Root Android All Device With Unlock Root - Before I explain how to root android, you should know first Android root function that for root android is to get full rights to the user to be able to manage Android system as a whole. By doing Root you can add, subtract or modify files or data that is located on the system when in the default state (not root) files can not be accessed and hidden.

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Okay, why can not the android system is also fully managed and should be in the root first? It aims to protect the Android operating system as a whole. If users accidentally or intentionally alter or eliminate one or more file systems, it can cause the performance of mobile phone or tablet becomes unstable, and the most severely damaged brick or mobile phone does not turn on, so Android restricts access to the file system. Read full Advantages And Disadvantages "Android Root". Don't forget for backup your data before rooting android with titanium backup "Download Titanium Backup PRO Key ? Root Apk"

Steps How to Root Android With Unlock Root

  • Download Unlock Root application v3.41 -> Download Note: Select the type your android phone As of this writing, this software supports Android 2.2-2.3, 4.0.0-4.0.3 (for details, see the description on the website), and can only be installed on a computer with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP OS.

  • Enable USB debugging mode on your phone via the menu "Settings> Applications> Development> check USB debugging".

  • Connect your Android device to the PC using a USB cable

  • Run the application "UnlockRoot.exe" has been downloaded earlier, and wait until the software is complete you recognize the type of Android device (in such matters, this will be detected if the type of Android devices already support).

  • Select the device from the list of devices in the detection.

  • Click the Root button to start the rooting process.

  • Wait until the process is completed, and if successful it will display "your device has been successfully rooted".

  • When finished, Reboot your android device for the changes to be applied.

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