Sunday, May 26, 2013

LEGO Star Wars APK Android Game 1.0

Lots of "APK Android Games" that we can download and install this time, either free or paid. The information will be given this hopefully can be a useful info.We will share information about technology news. You may application of the game have to Apk Android app latest.

LEGO STAR WARS "is an action game for hundreds of years Yoda has been training future Jedi Knights (Jedi), but never thought would come in handy for this reason. The dark side has been in the back of the a Jedi never seen the deadly weapon. To start the game the first step to inform the galaxy!

Create and control your favorite game characters and chariots, and do what you can to defeat the enemy, solve puzzles and complete the task in the LEGO Star Wars universe.

  • Yoda or Count Dooku discover, uncover your destiny.

  • In the world of LEGO Star Wars game, select your battle party, fighting, pass through eight iconic level

  • Create your elite team, including the Clone Troopers and Star Trek

  • Watch the mini-movie uncover the story line

  • The - unique reward checkpoints can be upgraded game ranking and army square

  • With LEGO ID login game to save the game process

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