Friday, May 31, 2013

Arcus Weather (using Dark Sky) PRO v1.4.2 Apk

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Arcus will tell you when rain is going to fall within the hour, down to the minute, how long it'll rain for and how strong the rain will be.

"Heavy rain starting in 4 minutes, for the next 35 minutes".

  • Holo Theme (Dark and Light)

  • Homescreen and lockscreen widget

  • Dashclock Extension

  • Notification Bar Weather

  • Multiple graphs and views

  • Unit Conversion Setting (SI or US)

  • Multiple Locations

  • Customizable view orders

  • Severe weather alerts
Pro Features:

  • No Ads

  • Up to 5 Custom Locations (free version limited to 2)

  • Widget Interval Options (free version limited to 1 hour interval)

Arcus uses the new (previously Dark Sky) API to get the most accurate, and most current weather information.

From the Dark Sky company website on their Data Sources : " is backed by a wide range of data sources, which are aggregated together statistically to provide the most accurate forecast possible for a given location."

Please note, this is not an official port from the Dark Sky company. 

Please visit for the official web version.

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